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Our mission is to help kids learn success principles through entrepreneurial adventures. 

An Inside Look at The CEO Kid


On the go or at home, kids can log in to The CEO Kid from any device and watch the next videos that will walk them through that corresponding fun-sheets - when they graduate, they'll be excited to show you their business plan for success.

Bonus: New videos, trainings, and exclusive interviews are regularly being added!

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What topics are Covered?

3. their own Business plan

- Identifying Your Idea
- Knowing Your Customer
- Building an Experience
- Marketing & Sales
- Pricing & Profit Pt.1 & Pt.2
- Goal Setting
- The Legal Stuff
- Starting a Website or Blog

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Who is the CEO Kid right for?

4. Made for great kids 

Leaders inspire others to dream more, do more, and be more. That's why we focus on building confidence, instilling integrity, and teaching self-reliance. 

The CEO Kid is designed for ages 9 to 15, offering invaluable concepts about growth, success, and integrity - all while they build their own business.

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Kiddos between the ages of 9 and 13. If they have an entrepreneurial spirit - even better!

Any child who's ever asked to have a lemonade stand, start a business, or sell something so they could earn their own money.

You're a homeschool parent, teacher, or entrepreneur - and you want to introduce your kids to business. 

Adults who want to give the kids they love a gift that will not only help them learn to earn now, but will teach them timeless success principles they can use for life.

The CEO Kid is for...

The CEO Kid for any child out there who is interested in entrepreneurship! 

The CEO Kid really made my daughter think about her personal skills and what makes her so special. She actually had to think about this and write it out. It was awesome to see all the positive things she thought about herself!"

"I highly recommend

- Laura Orlando
The School House Site

The video on social media? Every kid reaching the age of getting their first social media accounts should have to watch that video. The CEO Kid students learn how to identify their personal values and consider how any post, photo, or comment would align with those values.

In terms of life lessons, I think that video alone would be worth the price of admission for many parents."

"PURE Gold

- Chelsea Brennan
Smart Money Mamas

My kiddos can’t wait for the days when they do a CEO kid lesson. Now they constantly brainstorm how they can implement what they’ve learned to make more money.

Leah does an incredible job engaging with the kids and I love how she brings in stories of people the kids are familiar with like Walt Disney and the Wright Brothers." 

"This is AMAZING!

- Heather Hamm 
Savvy Home Schooler

We can ship just about anywhere. However, if you’re outside of the U.S. or Canada, we can offer a non-Box option so that you don’t have to pay to ship (which can sometimes prove to be quite expensive). Just reach out to us and we’ll get you taken care of!

Where do you ship to?

How We Practice what we teach

With your CEO Kid Box purchase, we'll give a CEO Kid Membership to a child in need so that they too can learn how to be their own answer. In addition, we’ve worked to ensure that we are offsetting our carbon footprint by replacing the natural resources used for each Box by at least ten-fold with sustainable tree planting.