is not a goal...
It's a by-product of a 

Life well lived.

Eleanor Roosevelt


I answered a magazine ad to sell stationery and gift wrap  door to door when I was about 10. I got to keep $2 for every sale I made.


During my eighth grade year, I wore something orange every day to school.


I won a clam eating contest when I was in elementary school.  (Did I mention it was against grownups?)


I'm dyslexic. As a kid, nothing ever clicked and I was sure that I'd never be able to be successful. Today I attribute being dyslexic as a primary reason for my success.


In second grade, my favorite color was "puke green" (yep, that's what I would say). Between that and a terrible "bowl" haircut (it was a thing), people frequently thought I was a boy.

did you know?

5 facts about leah as a kid