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Am I doing enough? Will they have the tools to be self-reliant and happy? 

If you're like us, you want to keep them close - but you'd much rather that be in their guest house rather than your basement.

Every parent has the same worry...

Through quick and fun videos, your kiddo will learn how to think like a CEO, embark on a journey, that takes an idea and turns it into money.

An Inside Look at The CEO Kid


On the go or at home, kids can log in to The CEO Kid from any device and watch the next videos that will walk them through that corresponding fun-sheets - when they graduate, they'll be excited to show you their business plan for success.

Bonus: New videos, trainings, and exclusive interviews are regularly being added!

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What topics are Covered?

3. their own Business plan

- Identifying Your Idea
- Knowing Your Customer
- Building an Experience
- Marketing & Sales
- Pricing & Profit Pt.1 & Pt.2
- Goal Setting
- The Legal Stuff
- Starting a Website or Blog

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Who is the CEO Kid right for?

4. Made for great kids 

Leaders inspire others to dream more, do more, and be more. That's why we focus on building confidence, instilling integrity, and teaching self-reliance. 

The CEO Kid is designed for ages 9 to 15, offering invaluable concepts about growth, success, and integrity - all while they build their own business.

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instilling earned confidence, creative problem solving, and a hands-on approach to understanding success is our answer to preparing our kids for
a bright future.

A Bright future

The CEO Kid

Your kids have ever asked to have a lemonade stand, start a business, or sell something so they could earn their own money.

You're a homeschool parent or a teacher and you want to introduce your kids to business. 

You're a homeschool parent, teacher, or entrepreneur - and you want to introduce your kids to business. 

Your kiddo has a big idea, but you're not sure how to help them get things started.

You're an entrepreneur yourself and your kids want to learn how to do what you do.

You love the idea of your kids having the skills to always be able to earn their own money. 

You realize that you were never taught how a business operates and you want your kids to have a better foundation for success.

The CEO Kid is for you if...

Complete the 3 modules through short and engaging videos, teaching one key business principle in each video. 

As kiddos watch the video, they'll understand the next step in planning their business.

1. Watch the videos & Complete the worksheets

2.Build your Business plan

3.Bring your business to life

How it works

Whatever their idea, may that be a lemonade stand, t-shirt business, or landscaping service - kids can run any idea through The CEO Kid and be ready for business while parents know they're setting their kids up for future success!

Each worksheet introduces a key business concept such as pricing, profit, understanding the customer's need, building an experience, referrals, etc.
Once they complete the fun-sheets they have their own active business plan!

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Your inside look at The CEO Kid Course

What's inside the ceo kid?


The Lessons
- Identifying Your Idea
- Knowing Your Customer
- Building an Experience
- Marketing & Sales
- Pricing & Profit Pt.1 & Pt.2
- Goal Setting
- The Legal Stuff
- Starting a Website or Blog

The CEO Kid is an online course that teaches kids and teens how to turn their idea into a business! 

We also sprinkle in success principles of leadership, determination, integrity, and more. With each video, kiddos will complete fun-sheets which become their active business plan.

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• Intro: Both for parents & kiddos
• Identifying Your Big Idea
• How to think like your Customer
• Building a Great Experience
• How to Market & Sell with Integrity
• How to Price & Build a Profit Plan
(for both services and products)


• 55 Kid Approved Business Ideas
• Interviews with modern CEO's
• Why Your Personal Brand Matters, Even as a Kid
• How to make a Stand-Out Resume* 


• How to utilize Goal Setting
• Legal Stuff to Know about kid biz
• Starting a Website or Blog
• How to Create A Brand
• How to Build an Email List*
• How to get Testimonials & Reviews*



Working through the idea

The details


module 1

module 2

module 3



Raising Leaders

helping them learn is good.

but helping them to
own their success
is better.

Leah Remillét

My kiddos can’t wait for the days when we sit down to do a CEO kid lesson. Now they constantly brainstorm new ways that they can implement what they’ve learned to make more money.

Leah does an incredible job engaging with the kids and I love how she brings in stories of people the kids are familiar with like Walt Disney and the Wright Brothers. 

"This is an AMAZING resource! 

- Heather Hamm

Whether it's a lemonade stand or aspirations to be the next Amazon, every child deserves to be taught the building blocks of success.

The CEO Kid is their key!


Studies found that students with leadership experience are paid an average of 33% more than those without it.

The University of Chicago Journals


Harvard Business Review

leaders tend to have higher cognitive ability, more self-confidence, and more motivation or drive.

Academy of Management 

77% of business owners are "very" or "extremely" happy with what they do. Where as 71% of employees are looking for a new job.

Intuit | The Faas Foundation

The top 3 influences for kids CAREER aspirations: #1 YouTube/media, #2 Personal Passion, #3 Parents

New York Life

This is an enormously exciting time for a young entrepreneur to dream about starting a business.

Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks)

About the creator

Hello, I'm Leah. I'm a CEO and International Speaker, but my favorite people to share principles of success with have always been my kids and their friends! The CEO Kid is a labor of that love that I'm now sharing with you.

My husband Taylor and I, with our 3 awesome kids (Adi, Ella, and Paysen) live in a little Bavarian town in the mountains of Washington state.

We are an adventure family. We love to travel, explore, and try new things. We even spent a year traveling across seven countries in 2016 (that's when we started homeschooling). We love cooking and playing "Chopped," skiing in the winter, and paddle-boarding in the summer. And on most Friday nights, you'll find us cuddled on the couch with super buttery popcorn for movie night.

What did the letter say to the stamp?

"Stick with me, and you'll go places!"

It's as exciting as 3, 2, 1, Blast Off! 

You will immediately receive an email with your child's member login details and info so that they can jump right into our online training portal. They can then go in, update their avatar, get their settings just how they like them and then we have an intro video both for you the parent, and them, the student.

All videos and training are instantly accessible so they can go at their own pace with no need to wait for the next video to drop. In addition, we're bringing new videos and topics regularly so they will continue to learn concepts, strategies and principles for successful living like time management, personal branding, and goal setting!

What happens after the 1-Minute Checkout?

Sounds amazing! How much is it?

We think so too! This is such a critical time to make sure our kids are self-reliant. Business and principles of success just aren't being taught in schools. Even almost all doctoral programs don't prepare graduates for business. Whether your child is a budding entrepreneur or not, understanding the foundations of business is an invaluable skillset.

One-Minute Checkout & Your kiddo can get started TODAY with Full Access!

+ Instant Access to The CEO Kid Course.

+ Designed for kiddos, ages 9 to 15

- 12 Video Lessons
- CEO Kid Worksheets
- 55 business ideas
- Bonus: Personal Branding
- Bonus: Goal Setting

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Flat Fee. Pay Once, Use again & again.

 for the kiddo who wants to  build a business, and the parent who wants them to learn the foundations of success along the way.

Your kiddo can get started TODAY with full access to The CEO Kid.

only $49 | Yearly

The CEO Kid
+ SOAR Expansion Lessons

Creativity: (Activity, learn about story telling through 3 Iconic COMMERCIALs and then Make your own for your favorite treat)
Resilience: (Activity: "Extra! Extra! These Greats Failed First" Write a Newspaper Article on life before they were successful.

Creativity: (Activity, learn about story telling through 3 Iconic COMMERCIALs and then Make your own for your favorite treat)

Resilience: (Activity: "Extra! Extra! These Greats Failed First" Write a Newspaper Article on life before they were successful.

Here are two Success Principles Lesson Examples:

The CEO Kid + SOAR Extension Curriculum is for homeschool, classrooms, and parents who want to give their kids a deeper foundation in value based success principles. SOAR Extension is a self-guided, goal-setting and achievement curriculum, developed to encourage self-reliance and high standards in leadership, integrity, hard work, and prioritization of family and wellbeing. Kids or Parents can choose their own growth path based on their interests. There are 6 lesson-activity, with 12 more coming, each designed around one success principle; such as Integrity, Knowledge, Ingenuity, Gratitude, Generosity, Being Proactive, and Resilience

If you don’t think the course delivers, we’ll give you a 100% refund in the first 30 days. We are dedicated to helping you raise an amazing kid who's prepared for the awesome and happy life you dream of for them. You will have lifetime access to The CEO Kid including all the new resources we will continue to drop in. Flat fee. Pay once, use again & again with each new idea they think up!

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engaging growth

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