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This fast game only takes about 20 minutes! It can be played as a family, co-op, classroom, or youth group. 
Just download our printable "game board," give each group 20 beans (we like jelly beans) and you're set! Now you're learning about budgeting and money management!

Game: Don't Bust Your Budget

Why should we encourage our kids (and ourselves, for that matter) to WRITE down our goals? We become 42% more likely to achieve our goals and dreams when we write them down on a regular basis. Our weekly goal setter will help your kiddos crush their goals!

Weekly Goal Getter Planner

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Add your own daily or weekly chores. If they don't need to do a specific chore every day, blackout the bubbles when not required.
Kids can use little stickers or a marker to check off their progress. Or laminate the chore chart for use with dry-erase markers, week after week.

The Chore Chart

Does your kiddo love the idea of starting a business, but they're just not sure what kind of business they could start?

We've got 55 kid-approved business ideas to get them going!


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