The first step we've taken is to open our leadership activities to all families at no charge! All lessons have also been updated to for the quarantine without needing any extra supplies.

We've opened an online version of The CEO Kid, reducing it to $49. For those who would like to have a CEO Kid box arrive on the doorstep for their kiddos, we will add up to 2 more workbooks and notepads at no charge for siblings.

Home based, online learning is our specialty! We wanted a fast easy to access way to share resources and ideas so we launched a BLOG in response to Covid-19 so that we can get resources out ASAP.

Leadership Lessons for all

An Online Version of The CEO Kid

A New Resource Area for parents

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I want to help & I know we're in a unique position to be able to help homebound families

Our Response to Covid-19

1. our one for one! 

2. Our 10-Fold Promise

3. Empowering Girls