The first step we've taken is to open our leadership activities to all families at no charge! All lessons have also been updated to for the quarantine without needing any extra supplies.

We've opened an online version of The CEO Kid, reducing it to $49. For those who would like to have a CEO Kid box arrive on the doorstep for their kiddos, we will add up to 2 more workbooks and notepads at no charge for siblings.

Home based, online learning is our specialty! We wanted a fast easy to access way to share resources and ideas so we launched a BLOG in response to Covid-19 so that we can get resources out ASAP.

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April 4, 2018

Leah Remillét

Leavenworth, WA.

date launched:

HQ Location:

Female CEO & Founder:

Currently in 5 Countries

With Virtual Team

Speaker, Educator, Coach

The CEO Kid is about giving kids the skills to be self-reliant, creative problem solvers and we're doing it through entrepreneurship and leadership.

Leah Remillét started her first business at age 8, selling stationery door to door. At 19, she had a line of marine soaps and waxes that she sold at boat shows and on the shelves of local Seattle stores. By 25, Leah had built a 6-figure photography business. And at 28, she broke the 7-figure mark as an educator, coach, speaker, and consultant for creative entrepreneurs. "My kids have grown up with the dinner conversation often going to business. At 8 and 9, our girls were selling refurbished gumball machines for $125 each! I knew I wasn't the only parent who saw the value of teaching self-reliance through entrepreneurship. Leah decided to take the lessons she's been teaching her 3 children, and build an online business academy for kids. The CEO Kid was founded in 2018, with the goal that every child learns to think like a CEO.

"For me, this is about changing the way we prepare our kids for the future. We can't even conceive what the job market will be like even 20 years from today. But one thing is for sure; creative problem solvers will be needed. That's my mission: to arm kids with the success traits and tools they'll need for whatever our future is going to bring!"

Founder & CEO

Leah Remillét

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