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From Leah Remillet – our founder I got an email from a mama in tears. I could instantly feel her heartache as she shared about her son and his experience with ADHD. Her email was in response to this post/newsletter on why I fail so well. I cited my dyslexia as a reason why you […]

Why people with ADD and Dyslexia make great entrepreneurs


Between EVERYTHING on our plates, is it possible to raise confident, self-reliant kids if the truth is, you feel like you’re WINGING it most hours of the day? Ummm… Yes! It was an honor to be invited on the ‘You’ve Got This’ podcast to talk about how to raise Confident and Self-Reliant Kids. I’ve got […]


Podcast Interview: How to Raise Confident, Self-Reliant Kids

You want your kids to be good with money. Maybe you’re great with money, or maybe you’re feeling totally inadequate because if you’re being totally honest, you’ve never kept a budget yourself. Either way, we’ve got you covered! The ‘Don’t Bust Your Budget’ Game We’ve got an awesome FREE Download for you that will help […]


How to teach kids about Money & Budgeting (Simple Game)

It’s easier for ALL OF US when we understand the WHY behind what we’re being asked to do. And of course, that’s no different for our kids although I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been guilty of forgetting this. “Because I said so” has been flopping for decades and yet, we’ve all found […]


Explaining how germs spread to kids

I know that homeschooling can feel daunting! I wrote this post to try to simplify the process for you! I promise, you will and can get the hang of this, and that it can actually be primarily hands-off for you! Yes, you read that right. A large factor will be the age of your kids, […]


How to Homeschool Amid The Corona Virus

How do you teach your kids good money habits? How do you teach your kids to make money work for them? In this video, Leah Remill├ęt (founder of The CEO Kid) shares what you can learn by knowing what the rich teach their kids about money. . . . . . . . . . […]

How to teach your kids about money like the rich


Now more than ever we want to be a resource for you! We want to share great DIY’s to keep kids busy, awesome resources (also to keep your kids busy). And wonderful helps so that you can raise some seriously awesome humans! This might change in the future, but for right now – this blog […]


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